Hire a Bergen County Nursing Home Lawyer for Help and Advice

Nursing facilities can provide independence for aging relatives, along with excellent care, but some can be abusive, inhumane nightmares. No one wants to see a loved one mistreated, and nursing home neglect cases should be handled by a bergen county nursing home lawyer. However, the question remains: How can these conditions be prevented? Below are several ways to ensure quality care at a loved one’s nursing facility.

Perform Preliminary Research

The internet connects millions of people with all the information they’ll ever need, and that works to a family’s advantage when they need to draw upon others’ experiences to make decisions. Families should do significant research when selecting a nursing home, which includes reading positive and negative online reviews. A few weeks of research can prevent a lifetime of regret.

Visit Often

Once the family member is in the care facility, other relatives should visit as often as possible. The more often a patient’s family visits, the more familiar they become to staff members. Residents with attentive families typically receive better care, and the residents themselves tend to adjust to the situation more easily.

Make Unannounced Visits

If possible, families should try to vary the times and days of visits. If caregivers come to expect regular drop-ins, the family won’t get a real look at the home’s conditions. Surprise visits will show families what life is truly like, and conditions should be the same whether it’s the annual Easter brunch or a random weekday.

Make Careful Observations

When families visit, they should look at the activity and living conditions of the facility. Are residents sitting and watching TV in the same position for hours? Do patients have dirty linens, bruises or sores? Awareness of the loved one’s living conditions can help families spot poor nursing care before tragedy strikes.

Ask Plenty of Questions

The final and most important tip to caring for a nursing home resident is to ask plenty of questions. Ask the staff about the patient’s temperament, schedule, likes and dislikes. An inquisitive family shows that they’re paying attention to the relative’s care, and the answers to those questions can sometimes provide valuable clues.

No family should worry about the potential for abuse in a nursing home, but it does happen. If a family suspects nursing home abuse or neglect, they can call a bergen county nursing home lawyer for a free consultation.