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A Guide to the Responsibilities of French Bulldog Breeding

There are French Bulldogs breeders who are capitalizing on the increase in the demand for this type of dog which we see today. Frenchies are not cash mills but if you are to breed this type of dog, it takes much responsibility. This special breed of dogs can be a companion or a show dog. When breeding French Bulldogs, they will required very special attention, during the pregnancy and after they have given birth.

A responsible breeder knows things about breeding a French Bulldogs and will take these into consideration before proceeding and they also need to decide if the female is a fit candidate to breed.

The French Bulldog is screened to find out if the genes responsible for health problems in the breed are present in the dog to be bred. One such health problem is their disability in blood clotting which results in continuous bleeding even for small wounds, and this breed will need surgery which is very risky.
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Breeding a French Bulldogs should be started on the second heat and so forth, and not for the first time. French Bulldogs more than five years old are no longer fit to be bred because they may experience complications that are risky and the dog might not carry the pregnancy to term.
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You need to source a stud from another place if you only have the female. You need to look carefully for a good male candidate with the right qualities for your dog. If you want to breed your female French Bulldogs, you need to pay certain costs in looking for the correct stud and getting your female bred. Even before your female goes on heat, you should start searching and identifying a good stud because this process takes time.

There is actually no assurance that the female will get pregnant, but you can improve mating success if you do it in the correct time. You can ask your vet or a good breeder when the best time is for your female to be serviced. The best time, in rough estimate, is by counting the days from the first signs of bleeding or spotting, which lasts about nine days, and this is just preparatory to when a female will come on heat. After the nine days, the female goes on heat and on the eleventh day the ova are released from the ovary and is the best time to breed. The female bulldogs is most fertile after eleven to thirteen days from the time you see spotting.

Many French Bulldogs only deliver with an expensive C-section delivery.

Taking care of the puppies before selling is essential.