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A Guide to Accent Reduction Training American accent training is not primarily for those who want to be proficient in speaking the dialect. It is not even for those who have the desire to communicate in English instead of using their native language. The accent training is not also mainly geared toward improving your English vocabulary. You are only able to enlist in this accent training if you have prior knowledge and skills in the English language as your second language. This type of training provides customized accent modification programs that will help you manage your accent and fine tune your English pronunciation skills.
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You might find yourself speaking the language with right grammar but you hear yourself uttering it differently. Perhaps you are saying the right words yet when you pronounce the words, they sound different from the native way of pronouncing it and so it leads to communication difficulties with your friends and workmates.
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It has been observed that the problem falls on the way nonnative speakers pronounce the long and short vowel sounds, and it makes a word sound different. It could also be to put the right accent in a give syllable. In other words, accent modification does not try to eliminate your accent, it simply tries to reduce them so that you can pronounce the word correctly. With accent reduction training you will have greater confidence speaking the English language. So when there are opportunities to interact with people on a professional or personal level, you will no longer be nervous to communicate your thoughts because by then you would have been fluent in speaking and can be understood because you are properly pronouncing your words lessening embarrassing situations and the possibility that people will laugh at you. With proper pronunciation skills, you can clearly express your thoughts to others and be more spontaneous when you speak and this can impress other people who are listening to your speak. You not longer need to face the situation when you see the facial expression of the one your talking to and realize that he does not understand what you are saying. So if you are continuously asked to repeat what you are saying it becomes very frustrating to your and on the part of the listener, they get annoyed too. You will find it difficult to have a job if you have an accent and sometimes you will also lose business opportunities. Your credibility is always in questions if you have an accent and it does hurt. It is your position in that race and not the race itself that makes you less believable. And because we live in an age when it is socially unacceptable to pass judgement based on culture or skin culture, discrimination is widespread against people who speak English or any kind of language with a foreign accent.