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Our team is comprised of friendly and knowledgeable people to help make financing both easy and simple. This course includes terminology, key concepts, sources of development finance, public, private and commercial, and multilateral, and the need for increased use of ODA and innovative financing solutions to mobilize and leverage domestic and official development resources alongside private funds.

This course will familiarize participants with the approaches currently under discussion among global leaders on financing the new development agenda. This Module also highlights the role of MDBs in financing global public goods (GPGs), with climate finance spotlighted as a prime example of innovative techniques and financing vehicles used to ramp up funding deployed in this critical and global area.

The first Module defines financing for development and its purpose, describes the main sources of finance and the principal actors involved in financing for development projects, discusses the trends in development finance and outlines why a paradigm shift is needed to mobilize the necessary financing resources to achieve the SDGs. It also discusses innovative financing solutions used in recent years to mobilize and generate new financing flows and improve the efficient use of available funds. Install an energy-efficiency or renewable energy upgrade with affordable financing through EFS.