A Horrific Story Of Senseless Cruelty In The Dog Meat Industry (2)

Economic NewsA major national debate rages over U. S. government control of immigration and the impact foreign workers exert on the country’s economy. Even if you just need to stay in tune with a specific industry or want to be informed about the current business climate whether you are an active investor or not, using these apps will help you stay abreast of current world events and financial news. The Yahoo Finance application for iPhone and iPad is a well rounded financial app for individuals that want to stay up to speed with the stock market and current business news. The app is best though when it comes to providing critical business worthy news articles about all different topics, industries, and countries around the world. The Dow Jones Industrial averages reached an all-time high of 18,292 in May, 2015.

When installing the Bloomberg news app for the first time select the categories that are most interesting to you and then be fed those news articles directly into your headlines section area or you can download audio news clips and get podcasts of the news fed directly to your iPhone. Find interesting articles to awesome chart analysis to find the content that you are looking for from the iBankCoin iPhone business news app. Social networking websites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ always seem to appear in the top ten lists in recent news articles.

Supply and Demand, Lessons from Toy Fads – Middle school students study a couple of toy fads and analyze and graph the data from them to better understand how prices are impacted by supply and demand. Effective blogs are interactive, where you allow other people to add commentary to your news. Forbes magazine (which is no fan of President Obama) crunched the numbers and demonstrated how the economic recovery under President Obama has been better in just about every measurable way than the recovery under President Reagan. Most of these economic improvements have been accomplished by Republican Governors.Economic News

When millions of people were put out of work in 2008 and 2009, it resulted in far less income taxes and less economic activity to generate federal revenue. The truth is, most other presidents would envy President Obama’s record which has flourished despite the fact that he inherited the results of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression. Despite not being 100% accurate, unemployment figures are still a valuable indicator of the nations economic health. I blame the media for creating this widening division broadcasting opinions rather than news.

I should hope your intent is to print after research ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’ After research, one can’t help but draw the conclusion that thee news media (left leaning) is cherry picking it’s figures. THe answer is for you to use your God-given head to do your OWN creative thinking and not regurgitate what is reported in the news media. I simply state facts about the actual unemployment rate, the same rate that is discussed in the news every month. This administration has set up myriad policies that reap political rewards now for devestating social and economic disaster in the very near future.

Economic News