A Short History Of American Panics, Recessions, Depressions (3)

Historical Stock PricesNow, stock traders love this stuff because they think the markets are deterministic and totally predictable. It’s a big one, and it’s fine to campaign against it, but to blame it for everything is to give its creator a free pass. Winners of the Nobel Prize in finance, when they aren’t disproving each others theories or losing big money, tend to favor the efficient market hypothesis. Wall Street convinced everyone to put their money into the Stock Market by pushing stock prices way beyond the actual worth of the company, and talking up all the average Joe’s who had hit it big in the market. LATINO BOOK MONTH (great time to feature Latino authors from fiction, short stories, memoirs).

They have even begun to offer alternative sizing, and alternative pricing on their value-meal options—and this has been a big hit with consumers. What makes Wendy’s growth, and projected 2014 same store sales growth of around 3% even more attractive, and even impressive to me, is that when you compare overall sandwich prices at Wendy’s to it’s top competitors, Wendy’s certainly comes in as a bit of a premium quick-serve restaurant. Wendy’s would not be doing this if they thought that the company’s stock would not be trading considerably higher sometime in the longer term.

This is just another reason to come to the conclusion that even while this company’s stock price has catapulted 75% over the last twelve months, the company still has plenty of room to grow, and that the company’s stock will continue to enjoy rather impressive gains over their competitors. In addition to buying shares of The Wendy’s Company, I also intend to sell cash secured puts on the stock at price points that are in-the-money. Positive Economics: English Classical View – Arguments in favor of positive economics – Normative Economics: German Historical View – Arguments in favor of normative economics.

I am willing to do this because (1) I feel that the current stock price is lower than it will be in next twelve months and (2) because I feel that selling these puts at or in-the-money will allow me to add more shares at a reasonable price to future growth and earnings, and I get to enjoy taking home some nice premiums as well. ALZHEIMER AWARENESS MONTH – fiction and nonfiction about alzheimer’s, caregivers, choosing a nursing home. I recommend changing displays monthly, so a topic like Hispanic Heritage Month works great for that.

Overall I think Wendy’s is a strong buy, and I think despite the tremendous couple of years its stock has had, there is still quite a lot of upside that is definitely worth taking full advantage of. The sky is the limit, as they say, and right now I think this stock has a very good opportunity to nearly double in the next 12-18 months. BLACK HISTORY MONTH (any books about black history, famous people, slavery) Keep in mind the school demand, so you don’t promote books that you’ll need when the students come in.Historical Stock Prices

Historical Stock Prices