A Thing (Or Two) About Holly Jean (2)

Financial ConsultantCommonly I get asked what are the requirements to become a Certified Financial Planner professional and what I went through to achieve the designation. But I knew inside me that I did not want a job that kept me till weekends and late nights at the office while my kids were raised by yayas. It was sheer prudent spending and tight budgeting that got me through all those years without a job. Several of my lady blogger friends and I met up over lunch with Christine Lee and Dar Uyco from Sun Life Financial , so they could present opportunities for you if you wish to consider becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor.Financial Consultant

Thankfully, this was the first apprehension tackled by the Sun Life Financial team when we met up. The ‘ahente’ stereotype is what Sun Life wants to redefine and differentiate. With the backing of a large insurance company, they want to equip their financial advisors with professional skills – not simply selling skills – to read into the situation of each and every potential individual or company they are approaching in order to offer a product which comes close to, if not exactly to, what the client needs. Dar and Christine related how they actually never contemplated working in the insurance industry but their separate circumstances eventually led them to Sun Life Financial.

If one is planning to build a financial nest large enough to sustain him into his senior years, then more strategic and well-placed investment choices need to be made early on. The role of a financial advisor is important in identifying the long-term financial goals of each individual and recommending the appropriate insurance product that one can ably pay for during earning times and which will cover him/her when capacity to earn is diminished or lost.

In a way, I think it is fulfilling to be in the shoes of a financial advisor because you are not earning just for yourself and your family but you are ensuring that someone else’s future is also secured. And the financial rewards that came with their efforts were more than they initially expected. They do say it is a plus to have some financial background but their training programs pretty much prepare one who doesn’t have it.

But, if one has the business aptitude, positive attitude, right network and hardworking, the financial rewards can actually significantly exceed a regular monthly salary. Many of those with Sun Life Financial now never planned to join but somehow found their way to it and now attest to its being fulfilling and financially rewarding. These are not aspects of your life a big financial advisor firm is likely to consider carefully.

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