Adjusted Stock Market History (2)

Dow Jones LiveRolling Returns vs P/E Ratio Graph : Rolling returns graph combined with p/e graph to show P/E at beginning of each 10/20-year period. All these years after Katrinia 15.000 plus homeless people live under bridges in New Orleans. Attacks have ranged from malicious gaming apps targeted at South Korea, hacking the website of the South Korean President, and destroying data of banks and broadcasting companies. TAO has some of the best capabilities in the world, and has collected about all the American telephone data you can imagine.Dow Jones Live

Die Untersuchungen der Zyklen bei DAX brach ich später ab, weil mir 60 Jahre Zyklus fehlte, diesen ich aber bei Dow Jones wieder finden kann. I have the data going back to 1941 and the ratio has INCREASED during every Republican administration. If you still insist there were eight years of Clinton deficits and the CBO and GAO revised their audits to show the deficits” then the burden is on you to produce the data that supports this claim.

While you are trying to look at the numbers from two different angles, I am taking the data in only one way. Update 3/31/2009: The following quote from an article at CBS confirms my explanation of the Myth of the Clinton Surplus, and the entire article essentially substantiates what I wrote. This is the Dow Jones Select Dividend Fund it has a low fee and contains many top dividend stocks. Defined are ETFs, bullion, gold futures and options, mines, mutual funds, gold accounts, accumulation plans and more.

DVY or Ow Jones Select Dividend Index Fund Paying 3.5% Although there is a small fee with this fund some of the insecurity is taken out as it is made up of 100 of the top dividend paying companies. To ensure that your claim is properly filed, only advise the EDD to any changes such as: Updates to mailing address or telephone number Any changes on the last employment since filing the prior claim Please disregard the letter advising you to call the EDD to file the FED-ED. If you review the State of California government agency flow chart it will refresh your memory.

I thought all of you might like to see the organizational chart for all agencies and who they report to in the State of CA. At the very top it states they all report to us! If you live in other areas where Workforce offices are located please let us know so we can get this off the ground quickly. That to add to what’s already been reported: I live in Los Angeles and did not receive a check, or any other EDD info, on Saturday. We are in historic times and your collective action makes this World a better place to live and breathe. Live in Galt, Ca. Just received continued claim form for weeks 4-12-09 thru 4-18-09 and 4-19-09 thru 4-25-09.

Dow Jones Live