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Credit UnionWelcome to Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Credit Union, your local, ethical and not-for-profit Financial Services organization that is about to become the future of your Financial Services. Year-over-year, the number of credit unions declined by 326, more than the 226 lost in the 12 months ending in August 2014. Total credit union assets fell 0.2% in August as July’s 6.3% surge in share draft deposits, due to July ending on a payroll Friday, were spent by members. The officer approached the woman, and she was identified as a former credit union employee.

The nation’s credit unions increased their loan portfolios by 1.2% in August, slightly more than the 1.1% pace reported in August 2014. Credit union memberships rose a robust 0.55% in August, up from a 0.32% gain reported in August 2014. Credit union capital-to-asset ratios rose to 10.8% in August, up from 10.7% reported one year ago. Credit union loan delinquency rates fell to 0.74% in August, down from 0.84% one year earlier due to a stronger economy and double digit loan growth. When the time comes to purchase your new home, don’t forget to check your credit union’s mortgage rates.

There is a much larger installed base of mobile smart phones today, 1.5 billion worldwide, than there were PC’s in 1997 when Online Banking went live. Credit unions have really changed the paradigm of the ATM as they share” their ATM’s; meaning that if I bank at Meriwest Credit Union, I can go to virtually any other CU’s ATM, nationwide, and make a deposit to my account at Meriwest.

Credit unions believe it is better for their members to keep their money than to take it from them in the form of banking fees. Meriwest Credit Union (as well as many other CU’s) offers a secure Visa card that can be started for as little as $300. Send a $300 check with your application and, if approved, your will receive a $300 Visa credit card. Whether you initiate credit with a cosigner or through the secured route, it will take some time to get yourself established. Rome was not built in a day and we don’t build a credit history in three months! Most credit unions and community banks offer identical services without all the hidden fees.

We review the top ten myths of credit and explain how paying bills, collections, credit inquiries, and divorce can effect your credit standing. This is particularly true with people who don’t track their finances well and don’t follow their credit report. I present a workshop in the community and at my credit union titled, The Myths of Credit.” The presentation goes over the top ten myths of credit and an emphasis is put on managing and understanding collections.Credit Union

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