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Financial ConsultantBy now, you must be asking, why have such stringent requirement to be a financial planner in Malaysia? Advisors with the CMA designation are strategic financial management professionals who combine accounting expertise and business acumen with professional management skills to provide leadership, innovation and an integrating perspective to organizational decision-making. The FCSI designation is awarded by the Canadian Securities Institute to financial services professionals who have met exacting standards for industry experience, advanced education and solid endorsement from their peers and superiors.

R.F.P.s are full-time practitioners required to follow a comprehensive process factoring in all related components to help their clients navigate through complex financial situations. To earn the designation, R.F.P.s must successfully complete a case-based technical examination and submit a multifaceted, comprehensive financial plan for peer review. Talking about Financial consultancy, you have to first generate a database of Banks, Financial institutions and Venture Capital firms.

You can join LinkedIn and become member of relevant financial groups to find deals in promotion segment. To put this in perspective, $13 billion is more than Bank of America earned from 2011 to 2014 combined, as the company struggled with the fallout from the financial crisis. Adequate due diligence should be performed and a registered financial consultant should be consulted before any investment decisions are made. Adequate due diligence should be performed and a registered financial consultant should be consulted before any investment decisions are made. This money and financial assurance was in addition to the $25 billion given to them in the Fall of 2008 through TARP.

To understand where Bank of America’s stock is heading, it is important to understand how it got to its current level due to the 2008 Financial Crisis that rocked the United States financial markets. The purchase of Countrywide Financial meant Bank of America controlled 20% to 25% of the home mortgage market, making the bank the leading mortgage originator and servicer in the United States. The acquisition was completed just as the subprime mortgage crisis was hitting the financial markets and just before the recession that began the prior December took a turn for the worse in September 2008.

The acquisition of risky mortgage loans in the Countrywide Financial portfolio and the increasing number of Bank of America originated loans that became non-performing (meaning payments were not being received) pushed Bank of America close to bankruptcy. The additional January 2009 bailout and financial assurance was part of a deal with the government to preserve Bank of America’s merger with the troubled investment firm Merrill Lynch.

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