AOL Daily Finance App Raises The Bar For IPhone Investment Tools (2)

Daily FinanceTalking about Canada’s real estate market, the start of the year was not very promising for the industry. I was very excited to see that they added an extra pay off day this month, but it seems that this week a lot of the clients have not accepted my articles yet. There isn’t much work at level 5 anyway, about 400 articles in the Automotive category, but that’s about it. Not my cup of tea, so I’ll stick to level 4 for the time being. Similar studies show that high school students who take a required financial education course have higher savings rates and net worth than students who do not.

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program – I’ve reviewed this award-winning 7-unit course in personal finance in another post It is designed for use in classrooms and community organizations, and I highly recommend it. There are 13 lessons in savings accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, taxes, loans and interest, home loans, car loans, insurance, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, risk and diversification, and inflation.

The new Daily Finance Portfolio site is awful since its inception a couple of weeks ago. They offer an excellent interest rate on your checking and savings account – this bank is currently being bought out by Capital One Not sure if I like this idea. I use a lot of the programs/software you recommend already I love mint, have an ING Savings now called a Capital 360( so far no glaring changes in their policies or service) & ironically I recently opened a PerkStreet account I switched checking accounts because my Credit Union started to charge ridiculous fees. As a writer one of the ways you were able to earn on Daily Two Cents and Writedge was from views.

The increase was still rather low but if you were able to get decent unique traffic to your articles you were able to earn a good enough amount. Now, since October 2015, both Daily Two Cents and Writedge are no longer pay-per-view websites. That means whatever earnings you get on your articles they will come from Google AdSense and therefore Google AdSense will be the one paying you.

The good news is that your total AdSense earnings must be $100 not your Daily Two Cents and Writedge earnings only, which means wherever else you use AdSense will help you get to the minimum earnings amount faster. While sites like HubPages and others allow you to earn a percentage of the Amazon earnings Daily Two Cents and Writedge allow you to earn 100%. While some websites limit you on the topics you can write about, or are focused solely on a specific niche, Daily Two Cents and Writedge give you many topics you can choose to cover in your articles.Daily Finance

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