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Credit UnionBasically, whether you get approved or denied for a loan depends on how much risk the financial institutions is willing to take on and how risky your credit application looks. He called because a married couple who were members of the credit union, withdrew more than $100,000 from their HELOC checking account AFTER the date when the account should have been closed by the credit union. At the time, Wiggington was the first person at the credit union that got the report but if you know Wiggington, you know him for being lazy and irresponsible. Actually, TWHC prepared the statements that went into the claim but CUMIS rejected it because the claim didn’t meet their criteria, so the credit union hired attorneys who rewrite and resubmitted the claim which CUMIS later paid.

CUMIS needs to recuperate the money, so recuperate it from the credit union that didn’t follow procedures and that has a history of thefts all taking place at the L.A. branch! I’d hope the attorneys are going to subpoena records to show that President Wiggington is a dishonest and lazy president who failed to protect the credit union assets. The only winners in this situations re the former employees who robbed the credit union.

The evidence should serve to prove that Diedra Harris-Brooks and her goon squad and Cornelia Simmons and her Supervisory Committee all failed to carryout their duties and left the credit union vulnerable for thefts. She was the VP of operations for while and she did nothing to protect the credit union. Read on for four great St. Cloud Federal Credit Union services that you may not know about.Credit Union

Someone I met from another credit union told me she used to handle their collections but they fired her. Even vendors wondered why the board chose him and his supposed friends at the credit union like Aaron, told staff that choosing Wiggington to be president was going to ruin the credit union. The credit union has an awful pubic reputation that wasn’t made better with Wiggington’s and Smock’s online bios. I can tell what I’m sure Wiggles has brought to the credit union but none of it has been good for members or employees. Priority One Credit Union did not write any material regarding Ms. Nylonda Sharnese, defamatory or otherwise.

Quite simply, the credit union has no firsthand knowledge of Ms. Sharnese’s activities with her car, and the credit union does not condone anyone writing any information about any of its members or former members on any blog or other public forum. As one of our readers, the President was well aware of the comments posted about the member long before she contacted the credit union. Despite knowing that account and confidential information had been published on the Internet, the President chose not to stop his credit union’s violation of the Privacy Act. At St. Cloud Federal Credit Union, you can be assured that we are on your side.

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