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Market NewsSoybeans and corn closed higher Wednesday with commercial buying in soybeans leading the way after USDA reported a sale of 7.0 million bushels to unknown. The political consultant hired by the eight existing dispensaries, Lupe Schoenberger, said that she disliked the word lobbying.” She acknowledged to BuzzFeed News that she had initially been asked to prevent the city from opening up licenses to an unlimited number of dispensaries, but said that her clients no longer agreed on how many additional dispensaries should be allowed.

However, Harrington, the business economics and public policy professor, said the two sides could not quite be weighed equally, as the eight existing dispensaries working together to reduce competition would be bad not only for aspiring dispensary owners but for the pot smokers of Oakland, because studies have consistently shown that fewer competing businesses in a market leads to higher prices and lower quality.

According to recent successful eBay listings, the Quadra LC 630 is worth about $50.00 and the Power Macintosh 9600/200 is worth about $100.00. Since neither are considered ‘milestone’ models their value isn’t as high as say the milestone model Quadra 840AV which was the first to introduce video inputs and outputs or the 20th Anniversary Macintosh, limited to less than 1,000 models ever built.

However, they are cash cows for a reason and that is because they are losing their star status.Therefore management have to decide whether this cash cow with high market share but low market growth is worth holding (in the hope that market share is maintained) or should it be harvested in order to reap maximum earnings at the expense of long-term development.

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