Avoid Automobile Repossession (2)

Credit UnionThe DuPont Equation or DuPont Identity is not easily applied to the analysis of banks or credit unions. The credit union’s operational practices are going to be dissected in court and she, the VP of Operations, leaves while evidence is being collected against the credit union and while Charlie is trying to get his story straight so he doesn’t sound like the irresponsible officer that he is. Big hand to Wiggles for making at least 1 employee a lot richer (maybe more but we won’d know that until the credit union is thoroughly audited). A few years ago before she destroyed the credit union’s elections, she would go down to the union hall in L.A. and sit at the from with tired Saffold, hoping that them being there would help sway people to vote for them.

Mr. Wiggington is charged with overseeing all operations of the credit union and its branches, with responsibility for the loan portfolio, share growth, budget, employee management, and other reporting to the Board of Directors. They’ve seen how he ruined the credit union, they see him as a liar and they know he’s a sexual harasser but old brain dead just don’t see it. When Mr. Harris was President employees cared about the credit union because set an example as a president and man.

Though certain things may not have anything to do with the actual theft or what CUMIS and P1 are accusing the auditors of, they do tell the judge and jury a lot about the character of the president, the practices of the credit union and all point to their ethical conduct. West adores Wiggington because he’s black and because Wiggington fills the void where Robert lacked a male parental figure.

By the same token, lots of people in the industry can’t believe the board hasn’t been removed which points to the apathetic attitude of the credit union’s membership who obviously don’t care anymore, about Priority One or its employees (minus all managers). I guess it never occurred to this sorry excuse for a male, that maybe people were concerned that he was causing the credit union to hemorrhage money and lose members.Credit Union

Wiggington: It looks bad to the untrained eye but I know there’s more than enough money left in the credit union to protect me. Plus Diedra better get off her useless ass and protect me. If I go, I spill the beans. Patti Loiacano also told Wiggington that it didn’t look good to reinstate Justice when he made off with more than $60,000 of credit union money.

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