BA (Hons) Financial Management For Business (2)

Finance ManagementFinancial Engineering is applied in the form of portfolio insurance to stabilise or reduce the risk associated with the market value of a portfolio of financial assets such as stocks and bonds over a period of time. You will gain exemptions from some Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams, and the professional experience year is also recognised by ACCA as one of the three years of postgraduate experience required for formal certification. The course has been developed to prepare students for a career in business and management and develop the next generation financial/business managers. The module demonstrates the centrality of management accounting information to effective global business control and develops an understanding of the management accountants role in sustainability.

Taking a placement between your second and final year helps to further develop your management skills and enhances your CV and employment prospects. Efficient management of your revenue processes is not only key to profitable growth it is also fundamental to customer satisfaction. The accounting system therefore must be adequate to fulfill all these functions.

Our online accounting software embeds your billing, payment tracking and collections activity alongside your sales and service apps. Financial information about customers, vendors and business partners has historically been locked away deep in accounting system silos. To create an opportunity for students to occupy mid-level financial management positions in companies and develop international managerial skills.

To study, review and put into practice both the tried and tested” techniques and the latest concepts in the field of financial management. To develop international managers, skilled in interpersonal and cross-cultural communications, and equipped with up-to-date knowledge on financial management. This programme integrates theory with practice to produce graduates who have broad knowledge of finance and can apply it in real-life situations. In addition, the course may lead to job opportunities as line manager at finance units within the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Insurance managers decide how best to limit a company’s losses by obtaining insurance against risks such as the need to make disability payments for an employee who gets hurt on the job and costs imposed by a lawsuit against the company. Financial managers usually have experience in another business or financial occupation such as a loan officer, accountant, auditor, securities sales agent, or financial analyst.Finance Management

Finance Management