Basic Technical Analysis Stocks Trading Basics (3)

Historical Stock PricesFor Development Research purposes, we either value stock information at the current value or the historical value, depending on the date of the information we have about stock ownership. The GFD Downloader allows you to adjust the prices for stock splits, stock dividends and stock distributions to obtain split-adjusted data. For each stock the following information is provided: data on sector and industry, splits and dividends paid by the company, a brief description of the corporation’s business, a history of name changes for the company and fundamental data. It pulls the historical data page for a particular ticker symbol, then saves it to a csv file named by that symbol.

GFD also provides information on historical components for the major stock indices so you can focus your analysis on the primary companies that existed in the past. Because GFD includes historical data on over 20,000 companies, the GFD Search Tool is an essential feature that will enable you to locate the companies that you want to analyze. Using this method, you can download historical data for any securities with data on Yahoo Finance or Google Finance.

This File Search allows you to search by stock tickers, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), Central Index Key (CIK) number and Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP). With the Filter Search, you can use categories such as Sector, Industry, Stock Market Index Membership, Equity Classification and others to find specific stocks. Longer answer: This is the script I use to pull all the historical data on a particular company.

HKEx provides a wide range of historical data products generated from its own trading and clearing systems, to meet the demand for both Cash and Derivatives Market historical data. It provides the subscribing EP’s own orders and trade tickers as well as the changes of best bid/ask prices during the day for each stock for downloading by subscribing EPs. I’ll show you in this post how to download historical prices for every S&P 500 stock using two programs: R and Excel.

Finance; Google is both less reliable, has less data coverage, and is more restrictive in how you can use it once you have it. Also, I believe Google specifically prohibits you from scraping the data in their ToS. Sure, you can look at my post about Freely Available Financial Data Unfortunately, even using the trick about the Yahoo CSV URL will only allow you to download 200 at a time, and it is tough to do correctly. What you’ll really need first is a list of the ticker symbols for every stock in the index.Historical Stock Prices

Historical Stock Prices