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Economic NewsUnmitigated climate change is likely to reduce the income of an average person on Earth by roughly 23 percent in 2100, according to estimates contained in research published today in the journal Nature that is co-authored by two University of California, Berkeley professors. As the second phase of the Moving Solano Forward Economic Diversification Study, the comprehensive study aims to focus on implementation of activities and projects to grow the local economy. But the economic crisis and the fate of the real will continue to be driven by the political imbroglio. As demand for rental property increases, rents rise, creating opportunities for rental property owners.

Micah Weinberg, who heads the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, discussed the economy in the Bay Area and Solano County; while Wade Crowfoot, deputy cabinet secretary and senior adviser in the governor’s office, addressed water issues. Forecasters are optimistic of continued growth in the region, Weinberg said of economic conditions in the region. The area has experienced a steady period of economic growth, rather than a spike, he said. The conference is produced in collaboration with the Solano Economic Development Corporation.

During the same period, several competitors have suffered or failed altogether due to economic turmoil in Europe and elsewhere. The housing crash that precipitated the economic crisis and subsequent recession was pretty brutal, to be fair, and recovery was slow in coming. Silk Road demand has easily exceeded total global mine production for the last two years.

Since rents tend to follow the basic laws of supply and demand, rising in response to tightening supply and falling during periods of surplus, this trend is great news for the nation’s landlords. With the country’s homeownership rate at its lowest point since the mid-1990s, and no sign of a trend reversal, rental demand could be on the verge of exploding. With all the doom and gloom in the news today, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the U.S. is on the wrong track.Economic News

In the second chart I show all the gold reserve increases for China AND Russia from the year 2000. They account for only about 11.4% of the growth in gold demand from the ‘Silk Road’ countries. The Congress may not know when it is talking nonsense about the economic situation, but the financiers, the Banks, and their hired hands do, but don’t care. The gold miners are hardly in a position to increase production and search for new supply. According to Nick Laird’s figures, monthly global mining production is about 260 tonnes, and monthly demand is about 357 tonnes. This hub will discuss types of expatriates; and the legal, cultural, and economic aspects of their expatriate status.

Economic News