Best And Most Popular Careers In USA 2015 (2)

Financial AnalystsCharlotte – Mecklenburg labor market or Workforce Development area is a prospering region with many attractions to fuel tourism and related industries involving retail, food service, accommodations and others. The bank will be working with clients to issue new bonds, and the analysts will be expected to help with pricing that bond so that other investors in the market buy it. Without a credit rating to go on, however, or without a price set by the market, pricing a bond is complex. Increasingly, these jobs go to people with postgraduate degrees, and almost all economists these days will have a postgraduate degree in economics.

Equity analysts also often have postgraduate degrees, though many will instead have a professional accounting and finance qualification. Fixed income or bond analysts have to be very good with numbers (as do equity analysts) and these people tend to have degrees in quantitative subjects. Most analysts will get bonuses aligned with the team that they most regularly support. Increasing numbers of analysts now take the Chartered Financial Analyst ( CFA ) qualification.Financial Analysts

Not all banks will insist on this qualification, however, and while equity analysts now often take it, bond analysts don’t. Many financial analysts are specialized, focusing entirely on one industry, product type, or geographic region. Most financial analysts work in an office environment, and the majority are employed by businesses in the finance and insurance industries.

Frequent travel is often required for people in this occupation, as analysts need to meet in person with clients and potential investors. Since financial markets and investment opportunities change so quickly, the window of opportunity can be very small. Thus, financial analysts often operate under very tight deadlines that can require working early in the morning and late at night to meet.

For entry level financial analyst positions, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, statistics, math, or other related major is required. Licenses are required for some financial analyst positions, but they are not required for entry-level positions. There are currently financial analysts in the United States, with new financial analyst job openings created each year. Financial Analyst jobs are not expected to see much growth beyond their current levels in the next decade.

Financial Analysts