Bethex FCU Placed Into Conservatorship (2)

Credit UnionWe recently released our Credit Union Trends Report for October 2015 (based on August 2015 data). Since foreign exchange usually costs less through the bank than it costs to use a currency exchange specialist on the street or in airports, transferring money this way will actually save you money. I would like to sell my ebooks independently and thought the only way would be through Western Union or through American Express which would mean going to Hong Kong a lot. I pay my bills online because, as most consumers, I believed that this was a convenient, and safe way, to pay my bills; electronically, through my banks, from my Bank Account.

Instead, the next day, I received an email stating that I had a message; and needed to sign into my Bank Account, to view it. It was from the Bank; where they had the audacity to inform me, through a message, that ComEd would not refund the money, to them, and that I need to call ComEd, myself. They did not care about the circumstances, that I owed Comcast, or how it affected me; and that the payment to them, were Bank errors! If your credit score is under 680, you are more likely to be approved for the store card.

When the Commerce Commission attempted to call the second Bank, AND I WAS ON THE LINE, they refused to, even, speak with them, nor take responsibility, citing that they do not discuss anyone’s private bank account, with an outside party. Credit Union ONE invites members to the Good Shepherd Woodhaven branch for a Shred Day event on Saturday, October 24 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.Credit Union

Interesting topic in this hub and very informative; since many of us pay our bills online, am sure we will start paying closer attention to our bank accounts. After a strategic review by the Board and manager of Northern Savings, the Credit Union has announced a number of changes to their operational structure, starting with the sale of their technology company which was based for the most part on Vancouver Island.

And while those shifts in approach have addressed some of the concerns that Credit Union officials had determined following their strategic review, the changes have also had a direct impact on the North Coast, resulting in the departure of a dozen employees at the Credit Union’s head office in Prince Rupert. Walmart offers two instant credit cards on its website: a Walmart MasterCard and a Walmart store card.

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