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Stock Market NewsThe international markets are getting positive signals so the start of the Indian market was strong, but the pressure from upper levels of the Sensex and Nifty is marginally faster. Nope, if you work and have 401K or company pension plan including government pension plans; you are in the stock market. If you think you don’t have any of those and relying on social security, when the stock crashes, equities (banks) will crash and government will not have any money to give out. Canned meat with rice is actually good from time to time being of asian origin so I guess I can live with that. Hoping you meant to say ‘any point above Dow 0K is just a digital game, not a market.’ Otherwise, spot on.

Because that has worked so well in the past…… Old way, try the new way where we all get to live. This market can do what it will do. But it does not translate to a job or a boost to the average guy or gal trying to put food on the table. I’m surrounded by government workers, who are immune to the economy; people collecting a government check for their existance ; a monied class who suck off the market; or government contractors, who are fat and happy, but would be broke tomorrow if the gov cheese stopped.

How ironic that the prices of Commodities is down in the Futures Market, but the prices of Grocery Commodities are up in the Present Market. This should increase the scale and relevance of these markets and also improve market efficiency and the robustness of China’s financial system in general,” HSBC analyst Steven Sun, head of China equity strategy, said in a report leading up to the unveiling. ConAgra Foods jumped 4 percent on news the company is spinning off its frozen potatoes business.Stock Market News

Opening its markets is one of the major economic reforms China has undertaken to allow its currency to free float within the next four years. The market today is just reinforcing the view that most likely the Fed is going to move in December, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing for either the economy” or the stock market, said Jeremy Zirin, chief equities strategist at UBS Wealth Management Americas. Major stock indexes headed higher as trading got going early Wednesday and maintained the momentum throughout the day.

A string of rate hikes can eventually weigh on stock markets, but investors have mostly become prepared for the Fed to act next month and don’t anticipate that an initial rate hike will derail the bull market. The government’s latest tally of U.S. home construction didn’t slow down the rally, despite delivering news that builders broke ground on fewer houses and apartments in October. Citrix Systems slid 10 percent on news that the computing company will slash about 1,000 jobs and spin off its GoTo business into a separate company as it seeks to cut costs. But that’s what we live in as an after-effect of the Great Recession’s long-term mirage market.

Stock Market News