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Investment NewsThis article aims to educate you about the current state of the fine art market. It’s important to do a little research with a professional art dealer to find out if you’re choosing a good piece for your investment. Many times, my clients tell me what artists or styles best suits their interest while I help them tailor their investment to their own unique taste in art. NEVER buy artwork from a private art dealer who does not come with return privileges.

Some of the world’s largest wealth management companies are starting to realize the importance of art as an investment. A good private art dealer is one who will explain to you everything they know about the artwork and provide you with all the references available about the piece. By finding a private art dealer, your investment has already appreciated more than someone who purchased a similar piece at a retail art gallery.

The key to investing in fine art is to utilize the help of a private art dealer who is knowledgeable and up front about the current forecast of the fine art market. A typical retail fine art gallery in San Francisco can easily have a $500,000 overhead per month; a private art dealer operates at about 10% of that cost. Find a private art dealer who has done all the research and can provide you with documentation and references from well-known sources.

It is highly unadvisable to deal with a private art dealer who does not offer a full, 100% money back guarantee on your purchase. When you make wise decisions in choosing a professional private art dealer, you will be confident that you have made a stable improvement to your investment portfolio. Dr Iain Robertson discusses how art is a passion investment and reflects the collector and the world around them. So if you’re interested in bringing more than just a single calendar into the space, check out the items I’ve collected in the catalog over on my website. In the past, investors had to secure a broker and contact the broker each time an order was placed.Investment News

We offer our services on an execution-only basis with opinions provided by TD or one of our partners in some circumstances on whether to buy a specific investment. Please note that none of the opinions we provide are a personal recommendation, which means we have not assessed your investing knowledge and experience, your financial situation or your investment objectives. If you have any doubt over the suitability of a particular investment for you or if you are uncertain how the pensions rules affect your personal circumstances then you should seek independent financial advice.

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