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Financial ConsultantA lot of people are surprised to find out that when I resigned from teaching 2 years ago, I didn’t make money from writing or blogging yet. The behaviour of the financial consultant from Gerrard’s Cross in Buckinghamshire was condemned by a judge as ‘repugnant’. In that role the son controlled her financial affairs and the proceeds of her house, which was sold nearly nine years ago for £189,000. Martin, a former project manager for accountancy combine Ernst and Young, became an independent financial consultant in the 1990s. Ms May says when she came to the UAE two years ago, a financial adviser that specialises in helping teachers invest their earnings was recommended to her.

He added that the daily rate of £400 for visiting and for work put into the dispute with the NHS board was his usual daily charging rate when he was a self-employed financial consultant. As more people wise up to the pitfalls of investment plans sold by fly-by-night salesmen, a new breed of financial adviser has stepped in to meet demand for fee-based financial services, rather than commission-based. I knew that becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional (CFP®) was the answer to enhance my career.

Fee-based financial advisory companies, will either take money for a particular service rendered or an annual fee that is calculated as a percentage of assets under management, typically 1 per cent. He says he has come across more people than he can remember who at the end of their careers have lost their entire life savings to unlicensed financial advisory firms. In the US, the president, Barack Obama, is working on a law forcing financial advisers to act on a fiduciary basis rather than commission because thousands of pensioners lose their nest egg each year at the hand of unscrupulous operators. Companies such as these may cannibalise much of the world of independent financial advisers.

As an example, the financial firm shows how a £100,000 investment, assuming a growth rate of 5 per cent a year, would fare after the multitude of charges. While Mr Marshall acknowledges there are problems in the way financial investment products are sold, there have been improvements for the better, especially at bigger banks which ensure financial advisers are properly trained. The two day, 10-hour exam applied all the key areas of comprehensive financial planning.

To that end, the insurance authority last year raised the bar for financial advisory firms, stipulating that if they wanted to stay in business they must raise their capital basis, and ensure employees pass rigorous examinations, among other things. As laudable as the efforts of fee-based firms like AES might be, they too may find their business model threatened in the longer run because giants of global asset management such as Vanguard and Charles Schwab are starting to offer wafer-thin annual management fees, sometimes as low as 0.25 per cent.Financial Consultant

Financial Consultant