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Historical Stock PricesThe calls and puts objects are pandas DataFrames that contain the same information you would find on the yahoo! Stock brokers continued to visit the coffee shops to buy, sell and trade for many more years and the coffee houses were particularly popular after the Seven Years War The situation became more formal when 150 stock brokers, who had been meeting at Jonathan’s Coffee House, decided to start a more official organisation. Initially brokers only had to pay an entrance fee in order to take part but after several cases of fraud, the Stock Exchange introduced annual membership fees in 1801. Since then the London Stock Exchange has been an important centre for all things related to stocks, shares and investment.

Though the London Stock Exchange was popular with stock-brokers and those with large amounts of funds at their disposal, it was not as easy for smaller investors to take part. Other early investment trusts are still running today, such as the Witan Investment Trust, which was founded in 1909 to manage the funds of Lord Farringdon but has since become one of the largest trusts on the Stock Exchange. After leaving my job as a stock broker, I’ve been a full time investor since 2012.

The London Stock Exchange has come a long way since the 17th century coffee houses and is highly important to the English financial system. Within a month of moving out of our home, I watched from the upstairs window of our rented house, as the last of our things was taken. I could have bought groceries for the whole month on what I was spending on eating out two nights a week. Utilize bargain hunter services to find the best prices on electronics and every day equipment. Ensure that the decision makers within the company know how to find the best prices by using a variety of tools and resources.

Maintain optimal levels by reducing safety stock inventory and increasing order fill rates. I held on, waited and waited till the recovery came, after what it seemed like a long wait the STI climbed back to around 2300 before I got impatient and sold out my shares at a loss.(Yup another mistake) It was my first experience in the stock market, painful but I’m glad I learned it the hard way. As I was new to investing I started looking among the blue chips, bitten by the financial crisis I now wanted a stock that had a good history, was stable and paid good dividends.

The psychology of the stock price being almost doubled over the last 5 years nearly stopped me from this wonderful purchase, fortunately I was able to ignore the past and focus on its fundamentals back then. The lesson learned here is not to care too much about past stock prices but look deeply at the fundamentals you see today. As this posting has expanded since I originally wrote it in September 2011, I’ve added some items that provide historical context and aren’t necessarily disasters in and of themselves, though there’s certainly still plenty of those to go around.

Historical Stock PricesHistorical Stock Prices