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FinancingThe developer of this Cambie Street condo had to pay a CAC equal to $55 a foot buildable to the City of Vancouver. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian film tax credit financing advisor as to how you can maximize your return on investment for your owners and lenders via the film tax credit in Canada. It sits at the nexus of housing markets (and housing policy), land markets (and land policy) and finance (and finance policy).Finance in housing delivery is very important because of the huge financial requirement for housing production. For instance, in many cases, building activities slows down because both builders and new home buyers find it difficult to secure loan funds.

The availability of, and demand for, housing finance depends on matters as diverse as the price of building materials, the availability of land and labor, and the availability of infrastructure. Debt finance refers to borrowing of funds by using strength of the developer and it may involve transfer of documents and one of the debt instruments which is one of the giant tool for financing housing delivery is Mortgage, which is the basis of this study. The debt financing for property development is still at infant stage despite the fact that the government of Tanzania, investors of debt funds and borrowers are highly cooperating.

Real estate debt financing is made possible through financial institutions like commercial banks, investment banks, saving and loan associations, life insurance companies, mutual saving banks, mortgage banking companies as well as public and private pension fund and trust (Brueggeman 1997). Furthermore there has been imposition of good financial policies and enactment of acts such as Banking and Financing Act (BAFIA 2006) and Special Provision Act (2008) to improve mortgage financing. Therefore the researchers would wish to study the entire challenges and issues that hinder improvement of mortgage financing in Tanzania.

Also establishment of facilities that promote mortgage provision and increase financing capacity to lenders, Including Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company (TMRC) and Center for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF). Despite the fact that all parties involved in developing or running the mortgage industry including the government and private sector are willing and doing their best, but still mortgage financing is not in good condition or favorable state. The authors have addressed the issue of financing real estate in general, including equity and debt financing, however they have failed to show how mortgage can be used to finance real estate projects.

Qualitative research will be used in order to explore the lending processes in financing property investment by CBA, Azania Bank and STANBIC Bank and different challenges hindering the provision of mortgage facilities. From this standpoint, researchers believe that the author has failed to explore other factors hindering the development of mortgage financing and so it is researchers’ interest to explore all the challenges facing mortgage especially in Tanzania.Financing