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Market NewsCrude oil edged higher in Asia on Tuesday, a rebound from overnight drops as market participants expect an industry report on US stockpiles. If you made a hasty decision to buy a retail timeshare, you might be wise to rescind and learn more about timeshares and the resale market before you make such a large purchase. If the timeshare has a mortgage on it, it’s not worth anywhere near what is still owed on it. Timeshare points are going for pennies on the dollar on the resale market. Second, if you have a floating week or points, you might just advertise that you have points for rent and will negotiate with a tennant for whatever time they can get. Remember if your tenant cancels at 60 days before the rental date, you might not be able to find another tenant for that week.

When you post your timeshare for give-away, be sure to provide the important details such as which week is it; or how many points and how often they are available on the account, which building the deed is for and what the maintenance fees and taxes are. Only if you own a high end timeshare such as Marriott, might you consider using a broker in today’s market.

You can call the resort and ask if they know what the current selling price is for a comparable week. If you find that there are 20 people trying to sell your exact same resort week or unit, you will have to consider that a potential buyer will naturally take the lowest price. Your contract requires you to pay an annual management or Program Fee to Wyndham to manage the points program; and an annual management fee to the resort where your underlying week is to maintain the resort. We’re growing every week and invite anyone age 50 or older to join us for a great time.Market News

Alternatively, if you own Wyndham Access Points, you do not own an underlying week at any one resort. Just because the drugs are for preventing death does not make them any different from any other product or service on the market. What is most disturbing is the fact that he spouts the wonders of capitalism but cannot live up to his own ideals. Some chose that life to want to live homeless because they don’t have any responsibility.

LinkedIn: If your niche is business oriented, and your target market is 35-year olds (and older), make LinkedIn your go-to social media network. I have no problem with them charging for advertising; we live in a free market society, and they have the same right to charge for their services as I do. Just tell me what you are doing—i.e. charging for advertising if I use your service to promote my business—and let me decide if I want to buy that service from you or from someone else. I hope that everyone will feel free to let me know of their event or news so I can add it to the list.

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