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Credit UnionBuilding Credit that is trustworthy of loans and large purchases is essential to a sound financial future. Wow You guys I think the same think is happening to me right now so I decided to google the the name dof the credit union and…What do you know…I found You. It’s an international Wild West out there and the Nigerian scammers are the most insidious and organized of all. I told the woman that I would go to my local Western Union office right away and wire them the $200, and I hung up the phone after she thanked me. The bank told me it was fraudulent and put a $500,000 hold on all of my assets.

I cannot cash payroll checks anywhere, it gets declined as soon as I type my SSN in. I am actually working with a lawyer to sue the bank for taking 100% of my income and not letting me work out a payment plan with them. By paying a regular amount from their salary directly into the credit union, they will be able to avoid the struggle for credit approval and the siren call of the payday lenders. Dispute any misinformation on credit cards statements and on your credit report.

The launch of credit union services for serving Armed Forces personnel will offer them an easy alternative to banks, building societies and payday lenders. In the past, some personnel have struggled to get credit approved, partly due to moving regularly and not being able to build up a good credit rating. Armed Forces personnel will now be able to save with, and pay off loans from, the credit union through ‘payroll deduction’. I’m delighted that credit union services will today be available to Armed Forces personnel. Today’s launch of the credit union builds on the MODs work under its commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant.Credit Union

HM Treasury announced in March that the Government would provide £500K from non-MOD LIBOR funds to help Armed Forces personnel access credit union services. This is being spent on developing the system to allow payroll deductions for credit union payments by service personnel and those in receipt of a pension, and on the staffing required by DBS sub-contractors to handle those processes. I am delighted that armed forces personnel will now be able to save with credit unions directly from their salary or pension.

Military personnel have long faced difficulties accessing credit due to the mobile lifestyles required by their jobs, and it is right that we use bank fines collected from those who’ve demonstrated the worst of values to support these military personnel who have served their country and shown the best of British values. Moreover, the complaint outlines the worsening financial condition of one credit union – Melrose Credit Union (Briarwood, NY).

Credit Union