Consumer Credit Licensing Information (2)

Finance CompaniesA subsidiary whose purpose is to provide financing to customers buying the parent company’s product. These companies would buy and sell these to investors who were led into thinking the securities were safe and secure investments. Companies like AIG (among many others) would offer a form of insurance for the mortgages or other assets the banks held. Perhaps the problem was the fact that many of the financial leaders and regulators served on the boards of many large investment companies.

If incentives were not as perverse, and companies were forced to put the net worth of their executives on the line, such risky choices would not be made. Activity based classification: – Investment Company (IC); Loan Company (LC), Asset Finance Company (AFC), Infrastructure Finance Companies (IFC). However, most consumers finance the purchase of the vehicle through some type of loan.Finance Companies

Size based classification:-Systematically Important Core Investment Companies (CIC-ND-SI)-with assets of Rs 100 Cr. and above. The other categories of NBFC are:-Mutual Benefit Financial Company ( eg:- Nidi Company), Mutual Benefit Company ( MBC), Miscellaneous Non-Banking Co. ( MNBC)( eg:-Chit Fund Co. ), NBFC-Micro Finance Institution ( NBFC-MFI). Though different countries have different interpretations of both the terms, Corporate Bonds’ and Debentures’ in Companies Act, 1956, Se. 2(12), identifies both as same.

Secured Debentures are debt instruments and are regulated by SEBI, and do not come under the definition of ‘Public Deposit’ in terms of NBFC Acceptance of Public Deposits( Reserve Bank) Directions, 1988. The Government Department or the Ministry or the Bureau of Public Enterprises to which such companies are attached, are expected to prescribe the norm for their operation on healthy lines and monitor their financial health. Mrs Blessing is offering loan to every individuals, firms and companies all around the world in a very low interest of 4% and in a very fast and easy way.

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Finance Companies