Content Writing On A Budget: 6 Tips From The Great Depression

Great Depression is not something lovable, but it’s definitely worthy to teach you a lesson. We lose the job during this storming period, get depressed. Some shed off the dust from the pants and start to walk, while some still think about what just happened! But for those who can survive, thanks to their positions like a content writer, sommelier, or gaming managers, can lead an honest life, even in the crisis like The Great Depression. Check out few tips that can help content writers in India to work even on a budget:

  1. Don’t forget to update:

The Great Depression can affect your content writing, for a short period. So, keep yourself updated about the latest rates, market, upcoming projects, etc. Technology can help you immensely in this process. You surely don’t want to miss out the important project that was supposed to be yours. But you forgot to check the dates or mail and you’re again out of work.


  1. Polish yourself:

Polishing your content writing skills is as important as seizing the opportunity. How many content writers in India know the actual difference between APA style and Chicago Style? Today, content writers in India have to know that writing market is expanding. People don’t have issues with boundaries. Polishing your writing skills will help you earn clients from all around the globe.


  1. Shift your paradigm of being a content writer:

What is content writing to you? If you’re good at this, and people read it, then the content writing skill can definitely help you survive in the stressful scenario like The Great Depression. This field does not lack money. You can easily get paid and earn the bread for a day.

  1. Go for freelancing: If you’re at a risk of losing the job or have been forced to work on lower rates, then try freelancing. Freelancing is surely not so easy, but once you get experience, you’ll love it. Moreover, you get a break from the monotony of working on same subject or area. New clients, new projects, new experiences, more money!

  1. Choose your projects wisely:

Everybody has got different flairs. The key to getting successful as a content writer in India is to identify your area. Some projects are kept low budget purposely to get the best rising talents that have fresh writing. So do keep an eye on them. Projects like these can help you earn a big project from the same clients.


  1. It’s time to clear some unpaid:

Even if you’re a part time content writer in India, you still can earn enough money to pay-off your debts. Don’t forget that even if you’re forced to lose your job in The Great Depression, a little money saved from your content writing, can help you to pay debts and live days without a hitch.