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Credit UnionThe future of the Jigsaw Community Hub could move a step closer to being secured when the issue is discussed at a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet. And also I got a $1000 secured credit card with capitalone and I am about to acquire another one from different bank. When I decided to get my past behind me and start rebuilding my credit my scores were 438 and 403 for Eq and TV respectively. My next statement cycle with capital one is on 14th of December and I am keeping my utilization rate way under 30% and I will see if my credit increases by 35 points.Credit Union

After making settlement of all my delinquent accounts and have them closed and bring my over all balance yo zero and of course the capitalone secured cc, I saw my credit increase to 468 for EQ and 622 for TU. Here I couldn’t understand why the huge difference between the two credit reporting offices. I will keep you posted on how my two secured credit cards and car loan will help me further improve my credit score to a decent level. My credit is horrid but i got a secured credit card and plan on using only to improve my credit score. I felt pretty stuck in a bad credit situation, due to life circumstances, before reading this.

Mind you i destroyed my credit not because I was not capable of paying them but utter negligence and compulsive gambling I stop gambling for almost for 7 months..paid off 9000 debts that went to collection agencies. I use to get my free credit score – I’ve been using it for years and it does NOT hurt your credit score and it never costs a cent. I’m a little frustrated because I have excellent credit (700+) but my husband has a 540 credit score. I just ran my credit reports last week to see where I was at and make sure everything was accurate.

I filed bankruptcy chapter 7 in September 2014, and it discharged on Dec 31. I had a credit score of 550 and I bought a car 3 days later with a 19% interest rate. My question is should I pay my credit card balance complete off each month and how much revolving credit should I be using. The problem is that the CEO’s of those credit unions are also a part of the cabal and no one is listening.

If you can catch the debt when it is sold to the other company, then the first collection agency HAS TO REMOVE IT. So if you pay the debt to the company that bought it, then they CANT report to your credit. THe new company couldn’t report it to the credit bureau because it was paid 🙂 My score went up 30 points because the ITEM WAS REMOVED! Convenient access to banking via location of credit union on campus (and access to ATMs).

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