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Credit UnionCredit Union of Denver has been proudly serving our members since 1931, making us the oldest chartered credit union in Colorado!  An August 28 letter from the law firm representing four New York City credit unions specializing in taxi medallion loans to Zachary Carter, corporation counsel for the de Blasio administration, warns that without immediate injunctive relief to enforce hail exclusivity, the taxi medallion industry will collapse and the credit unions that finance taxi medallions will face irreparable harm.

We will follow up with the credit union after a year of receiving approval of this request to make sure that they are following the plan that they provided to us and serving the residents in the Greater Columbus area as well as definitely reaching out to the underserved areas and doing as they said they would do in terms of, adding a service facility and increasing their marketing budget.

According to the order, financial institutions may send automated free-to-end-user texts and voice messages, without first obtaining the called party’s prior express consent, concerning: (1) proposed transactions that present a risk of fraud or identity theft; (2) possible breaches of the security of customers’ personal information; (3) steps customers can take to prevent or remedy harm caused by data security breaches; and (4) actions needed to arrange for receipt of pending money transfers.

Section 1770 of the Federal Credit Union Act allows for the allotment of space in federal buildings or federal lands rent free to a credit union, if at least 95 percent of the membership of the credit union to be served by the allotment of space or the facility built on the lease land is composed of persons who either are presently Federal employees or were Federal employees at the time of admission into the credit union, and members of their families, and if space is available.

The information that appears on your credit report is collected and maintained by the credit bureaus for the purpose of selling this information to any person or entity that has a legitimate need for it. Included on your credit report is information that could influence decisions made by creditors, employees, financial institutions and insurance companies.Credit Union

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