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Credit UnionWhether you’re thinking of shopping for yourself or family or need a short-term emergency family loan, there are five popular companies that will give you instant credit cards or lines of credit that you can use online right away when approved. I tried to cash a Wells Fargo check for around $10,000 once at a Wells Fargo branch, but was told that they had been robbed a few days before and didn’t have that much cash in the bank. Your son should try USAA, its a credit union of sorts for military members and those that have served. No offense to people who have chosen the bank but in my personal opinion they are the most horrifying place to do business.

They ruined my credit and after paying my car payments for 18 months, I owed the same amount of money to them as the purchase price of the vehicle when I first bought it. However, these mergers appear to be a one way street – banks merging into credit unions, not credit unions merging into banks. What is keeping these mergers from being a two way street is the National Credit Union Administration’s rules governing the merger of a credit union into a bank (Section 708a SubPart C). Moreover, before members vote on the merger, the credit union must send to members prescribed language about the merger under the guise of protecting members interests.

They are heinous AND credit unions have been damaged by them in attempting or even contemplating charter change. Don’t recall hearing of a bank being thwarted by acquisition rules…although it’s possible plenty looked at the rules and withdrew consideration. I have written numerous times about NCUA’s regulation thwarting CUs attempt to switch to a bank charter. Below is a series of steps and strategies that if followed precisely, posses the ability to bring any credit score up dramatically within about 18 months. Ask the bank teller questions about themselves or simply start a conversation about the weather.Credit Union

Give or or take depending on how diligently you choose to work at it, your credit score can go from D- up to an A very quickly. It will benefit you greatly to locate the banks with totally free checking and to use promotions, (like the bank will give you 50 dollars if you open an account and keep it open for 90 days). Most can be found online just click this Google Search for bank promotions and see what comes up. Think of a bank as a tool and use it as such. Do not assume if you have a lower credit score that you won’t gain instant credit.

Once you have built up a good rapport with your banking staff and bank manager you’ll be surprised at the things they are wiling to do to help you in any situation. If you don’t happen to have the x-tra 200 deposit lying around for a secured card you can always buy some credit. Yep, buy it. there are plenty of credit card companies for people with bad or non existent credit.

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