Credit Union Reduces Abandon Rates And Improves CX (2)

Credit UnionWe’re excited to share with you our most recent success story featuring Credit Union of Colorado. Also, if you sent them a check or money order there might still be time to contact your bank or the seller of the money order and put a stop payment on it which could prevent them from getting the money and you losing it. If you paid by credit card over the phone you should contact your credit card company to try and get the money back (you might also want to ask for a new card with a different number in case they try to make additional charges with your credit card number.

There is no minimum balance on the account and no service chages and I was tempted to withdraw all but a dollar and then deposit the check so if there was any way the scamers could get at the account all they could steal of mine would be $1. But I was fairly certain that the check would eventually be returned NSF and that I would be charged a fee for depositing such a check (these fees to the account holder at the receiving bank can run as high as $50).

They do all the above; allow for cash at ATM machines, allow you to purchase as debit, but they also allow you to use the power of credit (Visa or MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Chase Sapphire) to make purchases anywhere that Visa or MasterCard is accepted…which we all know, that means EVERYWHERE including all internet or online purchases.Credit Union

This is bad for you but good for them…even if you think a check might clear tonight and you go to the bank and put cash in, the cash is in your available balance right away and can be used for withdrawal or by using your debit/check card, but it will not pay a check at midnight since the cash is technically being deposited on the next business day.

Everyone leans on him and no one knows anything about the credit union except as he interprets the credit union, and, too often in the process of his interpretation proves conclusively that he doesn’t know what a credit union is. The right credit union is the credit union wherein the average member has an understanding of his credit union in all phases of its potentialities of service.

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