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Market NewsWhile hard data is historically limited, China has by all accounts represented one of the world’s fastest-growing coffee markets in recent years, both in terms of production in the primary growing region in Yunnan, and in consumption, where tea is slowly but consistently losing ground to coffee both in the specialty and non-specialty realms. CCMn keeps its readers in touch with the latest sector developments through a unique blend of news coverage, conference reportage and highly targeted analysis. Steel production growth in India is sustained mostly by domestic market as India’s exports had come down by 2% in FY15 and by 30% in April-Oct’15 period. Further India faces market restriction in USA, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan with respect to HR Flat products, CRC/S, Galvanised steel, Corrosion Resistant steel, Line Pipe steel. It is a fact that against the background of a subdued market the phenomenon of cheap imports appears disastrous.

For instance, while HRC is available at $260/t fob, CRC at $288/t fob and Galvanised at $362/t fob from China, the Rebar is offered at $253/t fob by China. Not only the investment earmarked to create capacities in these sectors has become unviable and forms part of growing NPAs in the banks, the existing production facilities created to serve the market appear redundant. The current situation is going to aggravate the scenario and would put enormous pressure on the service sector to absorb the millions of people entering the job market every year.

The best solution for this scenario is a watchful and supporting government who emphasizes the values of fair trade and facilitates the widening of the domestic market by encouraging more public investment as a harbinger of more private investment to spruce up demand. Click here for the full ICO report , including an explanation of the statistical methodology used to process the past 20 years of data from China. The news media perpetuate this defiance”—this discrepancy in the ideals of capitalism and the realities of capitalism.

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