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Daily FinanceEveryday trade to the quantity of vast amounts of dollars happens in marketplaces all over the world this trade might be of currency (foreign currency), goods or goods and stocks of various companies. Traditionally, married couples have been expected to keep their money in a joint checking account, and many finance professionals tout the merits of this arrangement However, as couples are increasingly marrying at an older age, they may be more likely to bring substantial assets, income and even debt to a union In those cases, separate checking accounts could be appealing.

According to a 2014 study, only 46 percent of millennials have an investment account of any kind (IRA, 401(k), etc.). While a few more are saving some cash for retirement (55 percent), it seems that a combination of stock market mistrust, school loans and other debts, and a general lack of knowledge are keeping millennials from preparing for retirement in a meaningful way.Daily Finance

AOL’s Daily Finance channel has been one of its most highly trafficked over the past few years, but as the integration with Huffington Post continues apace, changes are coming. The company is announcing several new hires for the site, including Peter Goodman, executive business editor of AOL (NYSE: AOL) Huffington Post Media Group, with the goal of broadening the channel’s appeal to younger audiences and women, while retaining the attention of investment professionals. Since the $315 million acquisition of HuffPo, AOL has eschewed the use of freelancers in its Media Group.

Instead, Seed, AOL’s freelance aggregation system, is now under COO Ned Brody’s new network services group. AOL doesn’t break out traffic for the HuffPost Business vertical, nor did comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) have any figures available for that channel. But in a look at the top 15 Finance News sites as ranked by comScore, AOL Money & Finance has been doing pretty well this year.

Goodman expects to hold on to regular readers by offering the traditional investment and business news with outside content partners, such as Doug McIntyre’s 24/7 Wall Street , whose commentary has long been available on AOL News & Finance through a syndication agreement. In addition to the new writers, video will also become more important to AOL Daily Finance, as it is featured throughout the company’s various content channels. To better understand the personal finance, you must figure out your daily expenses and earnings.

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