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Department Of FinanceThe Finance Department handles all financial aspects of the City in a fiscally sound and professional manner. The Indiana Department of Financial Institutions would like to announce the appointment of Tim Berry as the New Director of the Department of Financial Institutions effective June 8, 2015. I also have worked as an economic consultant for MDT socio-economic consultants and have been consulted on urban planning, health policy, linguistic duality and public sector finance questions by the governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan,the cities of Regina and Saskatoon, Ontario and the Federal government of Canada.

On Friday, the Department of Finance released its first economic and fiscal projections (EFP) under the new Liberal government and showed, 10 days after the PBO released their version, a $3.0 billion deficit. And part of the explanation was a $3 billion dollar difference in what the PBO and finance forecast for other revenues” in 2015-16. Asked to clarify which Crown corporations were driving down the projected revenues, and for more details on the foreign exchange calculation, the Finance spokesperson added this on Tuesday. The most significant decline in enterprise crown corporations come from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

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The proposed Canadian bail-in regime grants to the Government of Canada two significant conversion powers with respect to Canadian D-SIBs’ outstanding capital and debt. Depositors remain specifically protected under the existing Canadian deposit insurance framework (which the Department of Finance indicates it will also review to ensure that depositors remain adequately protected). Creditors and shareholders who are made worse off would be compensated through existing processes under the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act. The department is requesting input with respect to potential benefits of instituting a holding company structure in Canada.

Finally, the Department of Finance notes in the Consultation Paper that some aspects of the Canadian bail-in regime differ from the regimes in other jurisdictions, notably the United States, as a result of the lack of holding company structure for banks in Canada. The MSc Finance & Investments program is a world class one-year general finance curriculum, where students follow compulsory and elective courses and write a thesis.

Department Of FinanceDepartment Of Finance