Does It Require Technical Skills To Succeed?

Stock Market NewsI have been a trader in stocks, mutual funds and options since 1983, and have learned a lot of lessons. Before my 14th birthday, my father’s company had been absorbed by another and the stock disappeared into oblivion. By singling out that particular stock for my benefit and bringing this to my attention, my father unintentionally taught me great deal about stocks with the overarching message being a very big one – avoid them! My father’s company stock was the only one I knew about and the only one with which I had first-hand experience. The problem is, when lockups expire all the insiders are permitted to sell their stock.

But for those who are new to the stock market and investments, or are thinking about getting into some investments, especially with savings interest rates being so low at the moment, maybe the insights from the experiences of a fellow beginner will be of some help and provide some perspective as you delve into this process. But, even when a stock is going down, there is often some kind of news that will tell you the reason for the downward trend. And, being new, they would not yet have the widespread market presence to make their stocks unaffordable.

Personally, I am finding it interesting how world events and things happening in the industry have a direct, and sometimes indirect, impact on the direction of the stock market. Sometimes things happen with the stock that cannot be traced to anything in the news or in the reports of the company. This was back during the release of the Windows Phone 7. I was expecting Apple stock would suffer a bit with that event.Stock Market News

The long lesson for getting to grips with the stock market is that there is a lot of reading to do, loads of terminology to master. As someone new to investment, I was thinking what a dream it would be to find some of the most innovative market newcomers out there, who are just starting out and have something really amazing to offer. There must be responsiveness to the market and flexibility towards the meeting the customer base that they serve.

But if nothing else, I have learned from Apple that while creatively approaching the market by meeting a need/niche is vital, it is not enough. Also, as the stock in his company began to fall, it would have been a great lesson to see how those lost funds could be recouped by moving them to another, if not better performing, at least somewhat more promising investment.

Stock Market News