DOW Jones Futures (4)

Dow Jones LiveThe Dow Jones Industrial Average is simply the average value of 30 large, industrial stocks. DJI and Sustainable Asset Management (SAM), launched the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices in 1999. DJI partnered with AIG to create the Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Index It tracks trades on futures contracts for physical commodities, like energy (petroleum, gas), precious metals (gold, silver), industrial metals (zinc, copper), grains (corn, wheat), livestock (lean hogs, live cattle), among others. As such, the Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Indexes have been re-branded as the Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Indexes effective May 7, 2009.Dow Jones Live

The Dow Jones Select Dividend Indexes reflects the performance of leading dividend-yielding stocks. It often creates an index for a specific event (i.e. Dow Jones 2008 Summer Games Index, launched December 2007), a specific market (Dow Jones Luxury Index, launched June 2008), or a very small market (Dow Jones Cyprus Titans 10 Index). The contracts are listed on CCX’s wholly—owned subsidiary Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE), the world’s leading environmental derivatives exchange. July 2008 – DJI partnered with Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) to develop the Dow Jones Brookfield Infrastructure Indexes.

July 2007 – The Iowa Peace officers Retirement System has adopted the Dow Jones Wilshire Index Family (now called the Dow Jones Total Stock Market Indexes; see below). They used the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000sm (now called the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index), to benchmark its equity investment portfolio. Chairman Rupert Murdoch announced a new worldwide benchmark index— the Global Dow It will comprise 150 stocks around the world that will include large companies in established markets, but also rising stars in emerging markets as well as companies specializing in new technologies.

June 1, 2009 – DJI changed the components of the famous benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average. October 2009 – The Dow Jones GCC Titans 50 Real Return Index became the basis for the first exchange traded fund (ETF) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). January 2010 – DJI announced that the Dow Jones Corporate Bond Index would serve as the basis of the first fixed-income exchange-traded note (ETN) available in Israel. March 18, 2010 – CME Group and Dow Jones Indexes officially launched the new joint venture (JV).

April 8, 2010 – The new JV continued to create new products, such as the Dow Jones Contrarian Opportunities Index, which went live on April 8, 2010. March 24, 2010 – The Dow Jones UAE 25 Index, which measures the performance of the 25 of the largest and most liquid equity securities trading in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), came into being. The NBAD OneShare Dow Jones UAE 25 ETF was to be listed at the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange as well. It serves as the basis of a new futures contract (CME Group is the world leader in derivatives, including futures). The indexes measure the difference between futures on 30 year TIPS and Ultra-Long bonds.

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