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Dow Jones TodayPlease enter the email address associated with your account below and a temporary password will be emailed to you. Probably the most common advice offered to the average investor, however, is: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Puts and calls, short sales and leveraging in various forms are part of the mix that allows the wealthy to outsmart the average investor. The DJIA is price-weighted, meaning that the movement in stocks with higher prices impacts the Dow more than stocks with lower prices.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was originally intended to measure the movements of companies within the heavy industry, like construction companies and businesses dealing with heavy products. The Dow’s daily value is not the true average of the 30 stocks’ prices, but is actually the sum of the prices divided by the Dow divisor, which is adjusted in cases of stock splits, spinoffs and other structural changes to keep the weighting constant and maintain continuity.

The Dow is one of the most closely watched market benchmarks tracking stock market activity. Although it is the most widely recognized of all the market indices, the Dow is sometimes criticized for not depicting an accurate picture of the entire market ‘s performance (since its movements are based only on 30 companies). There is an interesting book about trading based on chart patterns from Thomas Bulkowsky.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished its best week in more than a month today, fueled by a 5.2% surge in Nike Inc. Examine not just the daily stock market charts for 1929, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1929 and earlier through the 1940s up through 1945. However, it is surprising that the hackers had access to data for almost three years yet Dow Jones is unsure on whether or not data was stolen.

According to investigations, unauthorised access to systems took place between July 2012 and August of this year, when law enforcement officials notified Dow Jones, which is owned by News Corp. Luke Brown, vice president at Digital Guardian, said the fact the perpetrators of this breach were able to remain undetected inside Dow Jones’ system for almost three years is a significant concern. Charles Dow, the namesake of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, was a market technician himself. Gaps occur when there is a dramatic change in stock price, and the chart shows an actual gap in the movement.Dow Jones Today

Dow Jones Today