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Dow Jones TodayAnd what are the latest quotations at the World Markets > (you can enter stocks yourself). The Dow Jones Industrial Average today (Monday) dropped 31 points thanks to a small sell-off in key components like Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL ), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. US shares that is. The Dow Jones has begun Friday trading with a fall of 0.2% or 37.95 points, to 17,410.12. The S&P 500 is down 0.26% at 2,040.64 and the Nasdaq lost 0.48% to 4,981.03. Weak retail sales and corporate statements are the negative drivers today. The Dow has now recovered most of the losses it sustained on Monday and Tuesday.

The Overall Morningstar Rating is based on risk-adjusted return, and is a weighted average of the applicable 3-, 5-, and 10-year Ratings. He manages a Charitable Trust Portfolio of stocks that are viewable by the public, meaning you can see what he is investing in. He often holds several Dow stocks in that portfolio. Dow stocks at 52 week highs include include General Electric (GE), Home Depot (HD) and Travelers (TRV), Travelers (TRV) and Visa (V)There are no Dow stock 52 week lows. Dow stocks at 52 week highs include include Home Depot (HD), Travelers (TRV) and Visa (V)There are no Dow stock 52 week lows.Dow Jones Today

Dow stock winners Wednesday were led by Apple (AAPL) +3.17%, Nike (NKE) +2.61%, UnitedHealth (UNH) +2.50%, Visa (V) +2.07% and JPMorgan (JPM) +2.00%. Although other stock market indexes such as the S&P 500 give a much better picture of the overall market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is still the most widely used number among casual investors watching the stock market.

With that in mind, here are three interesting facts about the Dow that you may be interested to learn. Selena Maranjian : For many people, one of the most surprising things about the Dow Jones Industrial Average is this: Even though it’s often considered a benchmark for the entire U.S. stock market, the index contains just 30 companies – and a changing roster of 30 companies, at that.

Both it and the Dow are focused on large companies, so neither of them really represents all of the market, though the S&P 500 comes a lot closer. One interesting fact about the index is that it was first organized in 1896 with only 12 companies, only one of which is still in the Dow today, General Electric. Dan Caplinger : One thing many people who look at the Dow every day never even think about is that the benchmark is just about the only price-weighted index among the major-market measures.

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