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Economic NewsHow do economic announcements affect financial markets?.. And answers to other burning questions by an econometrician. This blog offers a panorama of the news and practical information concerning the domains of personal finances, tax, investment, insurance, lending, borrowing, real estate and tax breaks. This blog, hosted by the newspaper Libération, invites specialists (top professors of Economics) to interpret the government’s economic programme (statistical data, etc.).).

The aim of this blog created with the expert of the Economic Intelligence Academy (Académie de l’Intelligence économique) is to put economic intelligence at the service of companies, whether sensitive” or otherwise. Coe-Rexecode is a private economic research institute born from the merger, in autumn 2006, of two fifty year old institutes: Rexecode and the Centre d’Observation Économique de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris.

The Institut de recherches économiques et sociales (IRES) aims to meet the requests expressed by representative trade union organisations in the area of economic and social research. A website of educational resources in Economic and Social Sciences built around the major themes taught in the economic and social section of Terminale ES. It is primarily aimed at teachers of Economic and Social Sciences and their students and it is open to all those who wish to enhance their knowledge of Economics and Social Sciences. The American economic magazine Forbes, well-known for its rankings, offers a very informative website dedicated to economics and finance.

Published by the New York Times, the Economix blog aims to help the general public understand the economic news and measure its consequences for our daily lives. This British economic and financial daily newspaper, generally considered as the reference economics daily in Europe, offers a very informative website on economic and financial news. Studies have shown that both the volume and tone of economic reporting can move consumer sentiment. Both use the Internet and consumption of news generally increase with education.Economic News

A British weekly published both on paper and on the web, The Economist is one of the most highly-respected weekly magazines in the world; recognised for the quality of its analyses, it covers news from all over the world, with a particular focus on economics and international relations. If our collective experience of the economy had much greater influence over public opinion than did the media’s coverage of economic news—if actual economic currents drowned out the chatter—It would be futile for Fox et al to ignore reality in an effort to skew public perception.

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