Economic News And Job Reports (2)

Economic NewsCompetitors in Extemporaneous Speaking can find everything they would ever want, or need, to know about the competitive speaking event Extemp right on this page. True, from an economic point of view, it has its set of issues, but they can be worked out a lot easier than the mess Socialism brings economically as well as the strain on any government’s budget. In order to relay bad news professionally and respectfully, you must assess the situation, the audience and the occasion. More positive: During these tough economic times, ABC Company appreciates the hard work of all our marketing co-workers.

Assuming that the bad news is being revealed to employees who are otherwise in good standing with the company, think about how to highlight their positive attributes and contributions before sharing the bad news. If employees are facing layoffs, mention severance packages, job placement services and recommendations early in the news. In a world of internet, email and cell phones, it is often very tempting to relate bad news via these methods. But in order to foster good will and to humanize the experience, it is important to relay bad news in person when possible. The Baby Boomers grew up enjoying the promising climate of this economic surge.Economic News

Delivering bad news in person allows the messenger to relay body signals of empathy and keeps words from being misunderstood. Many will likely suspect bad news and their level of stress and defensiveness will be higher when they do come to talk about it. If you are delivering bad news about a pay cut that you will also receive, make sure that your co-workers know this. Speechwriters for all candidates had better start brushing up on their economic lingo!

If the bad news you are delivering does not affect you, find a story from your own past or someone else’s past to help soften the blow. Stories of your own past experiences with a layoff or other negative experience may offer some encouragement for the employees receiving the bad news. Realize that negative reactions and words may be verbalized by the employee receiving the bad news. This blog will publish research on how, when, why, and which news moves what financial markets.

No one wants to give bad news and, of course, no one wants to receive it. Unfortunately, though, it is a part of any workplace situation. So correlations tend to be higher at times of stress and following economic announcements. In the past, research into the impact of economic announcements on financial markets has used surveys of economists to gauge market sentiment. The extent to which the actual number differs from the survey is taken as the news component that drives markets following the announcement.

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