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Economic NewsIn Time Magazine this week, there was an article about micro loans being used in New York and now Omaha, Nebraska to create small scale entrepreneurs. Anyone who hates government intervention should explain why, if the free market is so perfect, we ended up in the current situation we find ourselves in. Unfortunately, the banks seem to be winning this battle for now, claiming that thinks have returned to normal and that further regulation will slow down the economic recovery. This is as a result of the amount of demand garnered by our products around the globe.Economic News

However by the beginning of September 2011, new fears developed that European banks were at risk from the debt crisis. Even the name Jeunesse” evokes a powerful symbolism of this anti-aging mission since the meaning of this corporate name is youth.” The timing of the market demand for this product category has never been better. The expansion of an aging population in tandem with a parallel explosion in the anti-aging industry has created one of the most significant social and economic megatrends in the world today. In fact, its layout is optimized in a similar fashion to other major news sites like CNN and BBC.

Dr. Owuor has proclaimed to the church that the Black Horse of Revelation is the end-time Global Economic Crisis. It is so that the church will be arrayed in fine linen, so that she will be ready for the upcoming glorious date on God’s calendar. September 2005, Owuor saw a war coming to Iran, two missiles hit the nuclear facility among the mountains. Today (Sunday May 31, 2009), I read a news item to the effect that the President of Kenya himself addressed a National Prayer Breakfast, uring the whole nation to come before God in repentance.

He also prophesied the asteroid that came close to the earth on the September 29, 2004 with sharp precision to the date, and also the eclipse of the moon and the sun that took place in October, 2005 among others. Ongoing news suggests that largest retailer Wal-Mart has demanded for 51% of international dealings in FDI in Indian markets which had called nationwide strike. Fdi is very useful for our country, because india is a developing coutry, so our economic growth is very essential. Our main office is in London England, while our executive branch office is located in Bell Garden Califorina USA.

We also supply these services: Italian Marble Fireplaces, Brazilian custom made leather funitures, French wall paintings, Austrian door etches, etc. Due to the recent economic troubles, our company now requires all applicants to be in good credit standing before we interview and 3 other candidates have been shortlisted for the job vacancy and will all be scheduled for an interview as soon as possible. Some have been paid off by the governments they report on, a practice which produces weak news and must be stopped.

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