Erdogan Keeps Pressing His Agenda Aggressively With Merkel And Sending More Refugees Across To Europe (2)

Economic NewsAs interest rates have fallen to zero in some developed economies and money printing has proliferated, exchange rate policy has become one of the few remaining levers to stimulate business activity and in some cases avoid deflation. Now a retail hub, West Des Moines has recently been recognized by business and economic analysts as a Best Place to Live and Do Business in the USA. Beginning in the UK, an above ground rail system for freight and passengers developed and came to the USA. Illumifest – Parks and Recreation sponsor the annual Illumifest, A Fall Festival of Light, an annual evening event in late September. You launch someone on a path of growth, leading to greater skill, economic capacity and citizenship.

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So far, very little has been done by either the banks or by the federal government to restore the economic health of the average American tax payer. Look back over the last 20 years as we have eliminated wood shop from our nation’s schools, and the current effect… economic collapse, the decline of manufacturing, the shipping of our brightest enterprises to other shores. It’s clear from watching television news that the mainstream media is used to regulate information. Alternative media has proven a much more accurate source for political, economic and health news.

The bigger mystery is why many people do not see all of the positive economic benefits and choose to blame immigrants for so many of the country’s woes. Why did 74% of the respondents in a New York Times/CBS News poll mistakenly think illegal immigrants weaken the economy?1 Why, in discussions about the pros and cons, is there a huge gap between the public’s perception and the established reality. And, in these uncertain economic times, Americans reject diversity and target foreigners to calm the nation’s collective insecurity. Beyond the economic issues, there is a geographical component to the debate as well.

Aside from the economic argument, I don’t think that sending people who have been here for years back to their countries and separating families is the most humane way to deal with things. Anyway, we also need to take into account the economic resources used to send illegals back to their countries. Overall, the National Retail Federation is predicting that 2015 holiday sales will rise 3.7%.

Economic News