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Economic NewsThere seems to be a currency battle raging between the western backed US dollar and the east, with the BRICS nations headed by China, in this case, pushing for an alternative to the dollar as the world reserve currency. Lesser-known candidates, like Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and Republican candidate Rick Santorum, now have more opportunity to advance their economic agendas. While issues like gender equality, religious freedom, and gay marriage have loomed large thus far in 2015, they will likely be overridden by economic fears if the U.S. slips back into a recession. Because the index value is always positive, markets compare the current index value to the short and long-term average values in order to gauge Switzerland ‘s economic health. Thus, domestic consumer confidence is an important gauge of overall economic activity and inflationary expectations.

In general, rising consumer confidence precedes increased consumer spending, which drives both economic growth and inflation. Rising consumer spending fuels economic growth, confirms signals from consumer confidence, and may spark inflationary pressures. With weekly and monthly calendar financial data, every trader can make a sound decision and make proper estimates.

When consumers become sceptical about economic conditions, sales of durable goods are one of the first to be impacted since consumers can delay purchases of durable items, like cars and televisions, only spending money on necessities in times of economic hardship. Personal Consumption is a comprehensive measure of GDP; consequently the figure is watched as an indicator for economic trends. On the other hand, persistently low Personal Spending may result in decreasing levels of output and an economic downturn. Forex economic calendar is one of the main tools of both a guru and novice trader.

The calendar comprises the most urgent and important economic news, including corporate profit reports, results of the meetings of financial regulators in different countries, government and commissions reports, and other. Manufacturing is an important sector in Germany, which is why changes in Manufacturing PMI serve as a good indicator for the overall economic situation in Germany as well as Eurozone.Economic News

The MT5 financial calendar provides you with not only a summary of significant events but also the latest data on macroeconomic indicators in the European Union and seventeen countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, and New Zealand. Purchasing managers are tasked with gauging future demand and adjusting orders for materials accordingly. A higher PMI indicates that materials purchases are increasing and that the economic outlook is positive. Robust German GDP growth signals a heightened level of economic activity, and therefore a high demand for currency.

Economic News