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Financial ConsultantIt has long been our belief that the service we offer our clients sets us apart from our competitors. Life wont be fun without a car….the train networks are not like the one in Paris…the services are limited…6000 MYR is a good enough salary for a local resident…But for a european, i believe it is too much of trouble to come and live in malaysia just for the equivalent of 1000 Euros…unless of course you like malaysia and want to spend some time here.

I believe that, following the imposition of a bona fide fiduciary standard for all providers of financial and investment advice, the demand for financial planning and investment advice will soar, Americans will become more trusting of the capital markets, the cost of capital will decline, and fuel will be provided to propel America’s economy forward.

This case illustrates that, even when a financial services provider provides investment recommendations that result in greater income to it, and even when the new investments underperform the replaced investments, the financial services provider can still be off the hook” – as it is not a fiduciary with respect to the investment decisions undertaken.

Congress, especially the Republicans who have long been advocates for American business interests, should wake up and recognize the substantial harm resulting to both plan sponsors (American corporations) and to retirement plan participants (employees) by the numerous conflicts of interest currently present in much of the financial services industry.

Consulting jobs are also great for people who enjoy public speaking, giving advice, helping others succeed, strategic thinking and planning, and coming up with business and operational are also good for people who love to learn because these jobs require that the consultant have the most up to date information on the latest technology, business processes, industry trends and best practices.Financial Consultant

Financial Consultant