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Economic NewsFocus on policies promoting economic growth, lower taxes, and spending tax receipts more efficiently and not on one`s sexual orientation in the bedroom. The USSR had a one party political system in a Republic form of government with Socialism as its economic system. In Capitalism the individual has private ownership, private property, and economic freedoms not allowed in Socialism or Communism, including the liberty to choose occupation by preference instead of by ability. I have however noted in your submission references of Karl Max, I think you should give more thought on his idea that a political system and an economic system were entwined and that one led to the other. Thank you My Esoteric for sharing this; however even what you described is a type of economic system.

It is different than a Republic.) Per history, no political system led to any specific economic system for they really have nothing to do with one another. One being the governing body (Political System) and the other the system in which one does commerce domestically and abroad (economic system). Alecia, I think you will find Marx’s theory goes further than that; in his utopia, there is no money for there is no need to buy or sell anything, therefore, there is no need for an economic system at all. When economic news affects financial markets correlations strengthen as volatilities rise.

Karl Marx in his Communism economic based theory makes it clear that Communism has a bartering-type of economic aspect where things are exchanged for other needs. In order to insure the utopian economic system of communism, the structure and operation of that political system must meet specific criteria to avoid economic collapse. Unlike socialism, which can work with almost any political system, a pure communist system must also include a specific political component to provide the environment for the economic system to operate, it seems to me. No past or present Socialist economic based state has due to its totalitarian nature.Economic News

You can be excellent at doing something and despise it. Why some USSR citizens deflected to the USA when opportunity presented itself. Socialism is a failed experiment; even China had to add some Capitalism gradually to its Socialistic economy for the purpose of giving incentives for better work ethic. The USSR never managed the lack of strife, conflict or war by being a Socialist economic based state with a one party Republic. If you are delivering bad news to an employee or set of employees, choose your words carefully.

Present global economic crisis completely shattered the myth of successful economic models in the west and and oil rich wealthy nations. Your lecture series sounds interesting and in depth; you seem to be learning much about economic models. To date and in my opinion, the only economic method that has proven even remotely feasible (good for the individual with incentives) and long withstanding is Capitalism. I am hoping so, the Professor is taking a history approach rather than an economic one which brings in all of the other aspects of life that capitalism touches.

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