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Nyc Department Of FinanceMarin said she had to spend more than $100,000 in legal fees to clear her title in court and to evict the accused thief, Darryll Beatty, 50, from her property. Luckily they are not seeking jail time but im disabled and my wife is unemployed we can’t pay that so they said you have 2 years before they can put liens on property and interest inures! I followed their advice when they told me i didn’t have to file for paid and unpaid training,…so i did just that next thing u know Im charged with over payment.I just lost my JOB today!! So I am purposing a class action law suit if you are able please contact me for further information.

Now with the letters I am receiving, penalties, over payment and such, they say I owe over $52,000. We’re working on. At the end I got a job and ended it. I figured it would be straightened out and I’d get something for my taxes. You see, in NYC if you have ANYTHING you’re doing – including babysitting or picking your nose – outside of watching tv you’re employed! Not more than four weeks after being told I had to repay them, and they did originally offer a payment plan.

Let me start by saying that I am in a very similar situation in fact the state of Kentucky has filed liens against me. Keep in mind I applied for unemployment and began receiving payment. The next parcel I received advised me that I must remit a full payment which obviously I don’t have the financial means to do or UE would have never been needed to begin with.

My employer’s high paid lawyer lied his butt off and said that my tools I had purchased since I was twelve was company property and did not belong to me. I had to provide tools to have this job. Today I get a letter saying that if they do not get payment they are going to file a civil suit. The excuse is because they couldn’t get in contact with the place that just closed , my benefits were coming from the job that I had before. Because I went out of town I couldn’t make it to the scheduled job career search thing, but instead filled forms online which were fine at the time.Nyc Department Of Finance

The letter has no number to call back or to dispute it I don’t have that kind of money I don’t even make that much to make payments towards that I didn’t make the mistake they did. High-ranking officials at the Department say that they are studying the attribution of at least some of the expense deductions of Management Partnerships to Carried Interest Partnerships. Members of the Department have been discussing the contemplated change in position with practitioners for months, but have been sparse on details. The local sales tax break for ESCO customers outside of New York City is still in effect.

Nyc Department Of Finance