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Financial AnalystsWhen it comes to enterprise IT decisions, I have come to the conclusion that buyers shouldn’t read the financial press. With new industry sectors emerging, such as privatized space flight (commerical passenger flights and space mining for example), business will be pursued off planet, with new and greater resulting possibilities for financial error and mishap. Some of the better episodes of TV’s Numb3rs, CSI, and NCIS illustrate how vital the field of mathematics is to financial and criminal examination.

Financial examiners that understand the most extensive mathematics, are tech savvy, and can speak and write well will enjoy the largest salaries and the greatest room for advancement. Understanding circuit boards, CPUs, data chips, electronic equipment, basic and peripheral hardware, and software applications/programming are all required in financial examining and forensic accounting. The examiner must be able to use Miocrosoft 2003/2007 Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint; as well as several types of financial and other software programs.Financial Analysts

This professional must have a command of the structure of English, including advanced vocabulary, specialized financial terminology, spelling, document composition, and grammar at the college and graduate school level. Examine ledgers, financial statements, balance sheets, operating income/expense accounts, loan records, inventories, etc. Candidate will direct examination and inspection of all phases of financial institution performance. From a sensory standpoint, a more fizzy drink can be produced with the 0.5L concentrate option as the dilution factor with water is larger.

The primary use of the ratio is to tell investors and analysts how easy it is for the company to pay back its due, short-term credits and loans. The Current ratio is a very easy to use, and useful ratio, but should be used with caution, as with all other financial analysis ratios, and those who use it have to be very clear about the limitations of it too, to be able to correctly use it, and correctly interpret what it indicates to its user. The Program has been developed in the context of the present and future needs of the investment and financial analysis industry.

The Master in Investment and Financial Analysis (MIFA) Program offered by the Directorate of Distance Education, the ICFAI university, Tripura is a unique program covering the area of financial markets, financial analysis, valuation of assets, portfolio management, mutual and other funds and professional ethics. Although Loss Prevention job listings decreased in 2006, additional openings were added through Summer 2009 to over 20,000 jobs nationwide.

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