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Financial AnalystsFinancial analysts and personal financial advisors recommend investment strategies to businesses and individuals. Indeed, the proportion of analysts aged 55 and over is much lower than the average in all occupations (8% versus 15%, according to data from the 2006 Census). Jobs will be available primarily for graduates of university degree in commerce, business administration or economics. Furthermore, few open positions are filled by unemployed analysts because the unemployment rate is generally very low in this occupation. If this factor has limited demand for financial analysts in the short term, the underlying trend was quickly restored.Financial Analysts

The increase in the number of financial vehicles and the wide variety of financial information sources available prompts institutional investors, companies, and to a lesser extent, private investors to seek the advice of a professional financial analyst. There has been a lack of investor confidence since 2002 with regard to the accuracy of companies’ financial statements, and investors are questioning analysts’ responsibilities and potential conflicts of interest in making recommendations to buy or sell financial products. Financial analysts fill a variety of rolls in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

This lack of confidence has grown far more pronounced since the beginning of the financial crisis leading to the 2008-2009 recession, owing at once to new financial scandals and to excessive risk taking on the part of certain analysts. Given all of these factors, the number of financial and investment analysts should rise sharply over the next few years. According to census data, women held about 49% of the jobs in this occupation in 2006, a percentage that has been rising sharply since 1991 (37%).

The number of financial and investment analysts should rise sharply over the next few years. With Financial analyst certification, you will be surprised to find yourself overwhelmed with employment opportunities. You can go ahead to further your education and obtain a financial analyst certification. This certification provides the frameworks to strategically use financial resources and position your company for future success. Participants gain expertise in the efficient use of excel and other tools that are commonly used in financial analytics.

You can master the fundamentals of finance by analyzing statements and begin to hone the skills necessary to compete for jobs in the modern financial sector. It also increases your self confidence, brings greater focus on you and pushes you to a rewarding salary. Bank, insurance companies and firms that prepare pension and mutual funds always need financial analysts. Any training or certification in the field of financial analysis will highly increase your salary.

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