Financial Consultant Careers With Prudential Singapore (2)

Financial ConsultantMany woman have grown to be extremely successful with the business, buying cars, condos, and the rest of the luxury life. In addition, longer life spans will lead to longer retirement periods, further increasing demand for financial planning services. Decreased funds for corporate and state pensions also are expected to contribute to the trend of hiring personal financial advisors. This will require more financial planning from individuals and increase the demand for personal financial advisors. Job prospects for personal financial advisors should be relatively favorable compared with other financial sector occupations.

The Work Environment tab includes the number of jobs held in the occupation and describes the workplace, the level of physical activity expected, and typical hours worked. The How to Become One tab describes how to prepare for a job in the occupation. The Job Outlook tab describes the factors that affect employment growth or decline in the occupation, and in some instances, describes the relationship between the number of job seekers and the number of job openings.Financial Consultant

Your Chartered Financial Consultant® has completed the most extensive educational program required for any financial services credential. Each ChFC® has taken nine or more college-level courses on all aspects of financial planning from The American College of Financial Services, a non-profit educator with the highest level of academic accreditation. Each ChFC® must also complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education every two years and must meet extensive experience requirements to ensure that you get the professional financial advice you need.

The mission of The American College of Financial Services is to raise the level of professionalism of its students and, by extension, the financial services industry as a whole. We invite you to explore the curriculum and learn for yourself how this is the most advanced financial planning designation on the market today — serving every person, every need.

By imparting expert knowledge—and by emphasizing that such knowledge must be regularly renewed and ethically applied—The College seeks to strengthen not only its students’ professionalism, but also the financial security of individuals, families, businesses, and the societies they serve. If you have some amount of financial knowledge, you might choose to use an adviser as a consultant only.

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